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Atrium at Stonybrook II Condominiums
Atrium Drive
Louisville, KY 40220

Our HOA is like the Phoenix rising from the ashes!! Three years ago our HOA was facing extinction due to poor management.Bill Stout Properties helped us reorganize and develop into an HOA that is thriving and successful.Bill Stout Properties is essential in our day to day functioning through physical and financial management of our Community.

The entire staff at Bill Stout Properties is friendly, courteous, knowledgeable and extremely professional in monitoring and maintaining our physical and financial operations.

Bill Stout Properties’ open door policy, easy access and transparency in all their actions have been a lifesaver to our Community.

If you need excellent Management for your Community, look no further than Bill Stout Properties! They certainly rank highest in integrity and capability in the Louisville area!!”

Nick Masi, President

Colonial Hill Manor Condominiums
Colonial Manor Circle
Louisville, KY 40218

“The community of Colonial Hill Manor Condominiums has been with Bill Stout Properties for about 10 years. We have a great working relationship with the staff and Bill Stout himself. As Board President, I feel Stout Properties has worked to make sure everything they do is in the best interest of our community. I would highly recommend Bill Stout Properties to any community seeking someone who will do their best to keep your property and financial affairs in order.”

Sharon Ray, President

Gardiner Lake Condominium Association
Gardiner Lake Road
Louisville, KY 40205

“As the president of our home association, it is a delight to work with Bill Stout Properties, Inc. as our property management agency. I’ve had the pleasure of working closely with Bill Stout and his highly efficient staff for a number of years. I’ve learned a great deal from Bill, who has selflessly guided our association on a number of issues ranging from adequately funding our capital fund to revising our by-laws, and everything in between. As our property manager, Bill dutifully represents our financial interests even if it requires making appeals to state or local officials. This is demonstrative of how he actively seeks to maintain quality service, yet remain fiscally conservative.

Bill and his professional staff respect and effectively carry out the decisions of our Board of Administration. They generously share their knowledge and expertise as needed to assist us in making our property decisions. To sum, we have more than a business relationship with Bill Stout Properties, Inc. We have a partnership. Bill is more than our property manager, he is our neighbor!”

Sherri L. Wallace, Ph.D., President